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Perhaps the most critical yet the most neglected factor which determines the destiny of an individual are the dominating thoughts that occupy the individual's mind. When Jesus said, "As you believe, so shall it be done unto you," HE LITERALLY MEANT WHAT HE SAID for it is ABSOLUTELY true that an individual will become who he/she thinks he/she is. Not only that, life's circumstances WILL always become harmonious with the thoughts of the individual, whether those thoughts are positive or negative. In other words, life and its circumstances both come into complete alignment with the thoughts that occupy the individual's mind.

What kind of thoughts occupy your mind? Our Creator has blessed us with the power to change our life and its circumstances. So where is this power and how can it be used advantageously to achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment in life? This power resides in the mind of the individual and can be manipulated willingly to acquire anything we desire in life ONLY if we persist in changing our thoughts to match with what we desire.

The biggest battle fought all across the world by every single individual, but which will never be witnessed by anyone unless proper thought is placed into the subject, takes place WITHIN the individual. Because humans go through this internal conflict, it may be so that humans look to solve this internal issue by disagreeing, fighting, and going to war with one another. This sort of behavior, however, NEVER solves any problem. Instead, it creates more of them. This may be evident by the recent events which took place around the world. The recent events of the world and the wars did more harm than they did good. Not only did the recent events of the world harmed those nations which didn't have much wealth or power but they also harmed those nations which did. If you do not believe so, pay closer attention.

The circumstances, individually as well as collectively, come about into reality with our own thoughts. So why are we doing this to ourselves? The answer is simple: It is because we do not know the FACT that the circumstances of life occur based on our own thinking. We must, therefore, not only change our own way of thinking but also make it our duty to help others around us to change their thoughts toward positivity. If we do not change our own thoughts and help others to do so as well, we may face bigger turmoils than we have seen so far.

​We must all strive to fix our mindsets, our thoughts, and our beings. Only then will we bring about the results that we desire in our lives; otherwise, humankind will continue to descend to nothing as is being presently witnessed by all to see. The power toward positive change is within us all. It all depends on how we choose to use this power blessed upon us by our Creator.

The Power to Change One's Destiny Resides Within