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The Sleeping Genius contains guidance to build a better and brighter future for yourself and your loved ones. This guide contains methods to train your mind to the state of a genius, a state which everyone is born with but which most people lose due to their lack of knowledge of how their mind works to their advantage. It also explains how your environment as well as your self-imposed beliefs affect your mental state and therefore the circumstances and outcomes of the endeavors you undertake and how you can correct them. It contains guidance to attract and maintain a successful and a fulfilling life.

This book contains information essential to achieving success in life, no matter how terrible the economy. It will train your mind to achieve extraordinary success and fulfillment of your desires. It is essential for you to have a balanced mind unaffected by fear, anxiety as well as other negative emotions, as is explained in our guide, to achieve noteworthy success in any undertaking. Our guide will train you to achieve a state of mind which will create miracles that you never thought possible.

Based on years of research from motivational, psychological, spiritual, and religious based literature, incorporating certain simple methods into life can have astounding effects on one's success level. The author's personal testimony is proof of this. Through the methods described in this guide, the author was able to evoke the presence of a powerful angel of our Creator to assist him. This guide contains spiritual methods capable of changing your life and success level tenfold. Our guide explains:

  • How negative thoughts and emotions work against people to bring about negative outcomes and how to correct these negative thoughts by making use of the methods described in this guide.
  • How to become and remain positive.
  • How a strong positive mentality creates miracles.
  • How to eliminate fear, anxiety, and all other negative emotions.
  • How to achieve a balanced state of mind critical to success.
  • What the purpose of a recession is and how it is a blessing in disguise.
  • Why a bad economy is your greatest opportunity to make a huge financial leap forward.
  • How to connect your mind to the Infinite Mind, the mind of our Creator, in order to receive His Divine guidance to achieve financial freedom and a fulfilling life.

Becoming a success isn't a mystery, but a discipline. The recent economic disaster has put many people out of work and it isn't getting any better but there is always hope and that hope is you. After all, humans have survived The Great Depression so the current economic turmoil isn't anywhere near as challenging as what our ancestors have faced in the past.

Through our first guide's content, you will gain insight into the brilliant power of the mind that our Creator has blessed us with and how it should be trained in order to awaken the genius that lies dormant within us. The mind must, at all costs, remain positive and in order for it to do so, it must be trained to become and remain positive and balanced. A strong positive mentality attracts success, happiness, and the blessings of our Creator. Our guide will assist you to train your mind to be positive and free of negative emotions. It will also provide guidance on how to connect your mind to the Mind of our Creator so that you may conceive ideas and receive guidance which will lead you to achieve financial freedom as well as a fulfilling life in general.

Purchase The Sleeping Genius to find out how you can use your powerful mind to become a success many people only dream of.

The guide only costs U.S. $9.99 but is worth much more because it will change your entire existence, but only if you apply the methods described within it persistently. The payments are processed at an SSL secure site using QuickBooks Merchant Service which provides a completely secure payment method using Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards. Click on the image of the book or its title to go to the secure site for payment processing. The guide itself is in PDF format and can be read on any computer as well as many e-Book readers that support PDF formats. It can be downloaded and read immediately upon purchase.

Thank you for visiting UniversalFaith and for purchasing our first guide but most importantly for persistently applying the methods described in the guide as they contain the power to attract and achieve happiness, success, and financial freedom through the power of positive thinking and the spiritual self. See how you can change your outer conditions and circumstances by changing yourself from within.
Price: U.S. $9.99
The Sleeping Genius

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