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Positive Mentality
A Positive Mindset Attracts Success, Abundance, Prosperity, Happiness, and Other Positive People
​A positive mindset attracts success, abundance, prosperity, happiness, as well as other positive people. It is indeed critical to have a positive mindset toward life, no matter how difficult the circumstances of life are at the time, because it is a positive mindset which changes life's circumstances to become positive. The faster one wants to make his/her circumstances become positive and attract abundance, prosperity, and success, the stronger a positive mentality helps to turn things around toward better circumstances.

So how is it that a positive mentality converts difficulties and defeats into successes? A positive mentality helps the individual to find solutions to problems which a negative mentality simply cannot conceive. Instead, a negative mentality leads one to even more difficulties in life and forces him/her toward complete failure. Why? Because a negative mentality always provides the wrong answers which, if followed, lead the individual downhill. It is, of course, up to the individual to choose his/her own thoughts and to accept or reject any defeat(s) as complete failure. As the matter of fact, positive people see all defeats as a learning process and use these lessons as stepping stones toward the achievement of their desires.

Everyone must work hard toward a chosen endeavor in order to achieve the results they desire. However, hard work done with a positive mentality which knows no bounds and does not accept any defeat for complete failure brings about the results one desires, whereas, hard work done with a negative mentality goes in vain without much reward. Reward comes to those who not only work hard but also do it with a positive mentality and patiently await the desired results, no matter what the circumstances of life are at the time.

​Becoming and remaining positive requires constant effort on the individual's part, whereas, negative thoughts persist on their own. Therefore, one must constantly strive to keep his/her thoughts and mentality positive and eliminate negative thoughts which persist. Doing so attracts other positive events and people into the individual's life which may be critical toward the attainment of one's desires.

​A positive mindset opens up opportunities which cannot be seen with a negative mindset. Because a positive mindset attracts abundance in the life of the individual, it creates opportunities similar to miracles from sources that an individual with a negative mentality never notices. Others also notice and provide opportunities to those who have a positive attitude toward life more than those with merely good grades in school or who have vast experience in a particular field but lack a positive mental attitude.

Having a positive mindset pays off in ways that aren't available to those with a negative mentality. It behooves each individual to have a positive mindset about life and its circumstances and sooner or later, life opens up opportunities which provide the individual a chance to work hard and face challenges head-on and opens up doors to success, abundance, and happiness in life.