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Please bare with us as we are attempting to make an important point here. Remember also that one of the main problems for humans is miscommunication (i.e., what is implied is not exactly what is inferred). We sincerely mean to be as respectful as possible to everyone and do not mean any disrespect or harm to anyone.

Major religions of the world believe in one Creator who created all that we see with our eyes. In fact, the same major religions also believe that our Creator also created all that we do not see with the limited vision with which we have been blessed. Indeed, there are many commonalities in all religions of the world, yet, with all the commonalities in religions worldwide, humans still manage to dislike each other, to the point that they harm one another, in the name of their own religion. Any intelligent human being, however, can clearly understand and see that humans behave in this manner not in the name of religion, but for the fulfillment of their own political and economic agendas, hidden behind the veil of religion.

​Whatever it is that each religion calls our Creator, He is the One and the Only. The only barrier between humans is the various languages spoken around the world. Islam, for example, says that there have been a total of 124,000 prophets of our Creator who descended upon earth to bring the same message of His for the betterment of humankind. This certainly makes sense. Why? It is because we did not have social media back in those days. Otherwise, maybe one messenger would have sufficed.

If there have been so many prophets, then it is certain that they must have spread the word of our Creator across the world in one way or another but the truth is that it was the same message, THERE IS ONLY ONE CREATOR. It is important to note that those who have gone astray reside all over the world, not just in one religion, region or nation. Pay attention to what is going on in the world by conducting research, not by what the media says, and you will find this to be true. There is good and evil everywhere you go meaning there are some who live by the word of our Creator and there are those who do not. It isn't up to any one of us to make that determination or judgment, however. Let our Creator be the Judge of that.

​With all that is taught in different religions about patience, tolerance, compassion, giving, and forgiving, along with the fact that their is also Judgement Day to face, how can we destroy innocent lives, torture and hurt each other? This is in regards to all religions worldwide, not just one or another. It is happening all over the world. There are people of every religion doing this to one another for the fulfillment of their political agendas. How is one to face our Creator on Judgment Day and expect to be granted Paradise when some of us destroy so many lives He created? Maybe we all need to get together and answer that.

​The point is that we all are one and part of the same universe and creations of the One and the Only Creator and the actions of every individual affect not only others but also him/herself. Humans sometimes inflict pain and suffering on others due to lack, jealousy, envy, and hatred in their lives but what they fail to realize is that there is plenty in this world. Not only that, they also fail to realize that what they do to others eventually comes back to them, whether good or bad.

Every want and need of human beings can be satisfied by seeking our Creator and acting upon His guidance, but we must all work together to achieve that. We certainly need not harm each other in order to get what we want for that is exactly the opposite of attracting abundance, success, and happiness, regardless of how things may seem.

The problem is that too many people THINK they know what faith is and very few actually know what it is. Faith can be developed at will if one persists in achieving that state of mind but can only be attained by the individual who seeks it. It cannot be given by another person but since we all want instant gratification, what better way to attain what we seek than by immoral and unethical acts. Indeed, FAITH takes longer to achieve that which we desire but the wait is nothing more than a test of our patience, a virtue taught in nearly every religion worldwide.

The benefit of taking the longer route to success and achievement is that when attained, they endure granted the individual does not stray from the truth or good deeds. The sad truth is that too many people do just that and tend to forget how they became successful as soon as they realize their innermost desires.

The truth behind instant gratification is that it doesn't last. You may see that for yourself by searcing online for the bankruptcy rate of those who win lotteries and by seeing those who engage in fraudulence and immoral activities only to lose everything they had, even those blessings which they possessed prior to their engagement in such acts.

The Creator can bless humans with all that they desire granted that humans, at an individual as well as on a collective level, change their thoughts and actions. Only with faith, compassion, sincerity, honesty, integrity, and caring for others can we attract blessings of our Creator in our lives. The only known solution to human problems is for humans to change themselves internally, therefore, changing their outer circumstances. This can be achieved by sincerely seeking the assistance of our Creator, who has solutions to all problems in existence.

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