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Infinite Mind
Are you familiar with the concept of the Infinite Mind? If not, it would serve you well to know and connect with this powerful, all-knowing intelligence of our Creator which can guide you on a path to a successful and fulfilling existence. The only way to avail this intelligence for your benefit is by having good character and being morally and ethically good in ACTIONS as well as in THOUGHTS, for OTHERS as well as for YOURSELF. Great character, thoughts as well as actions can be developed and employed by everyone at will. Patience and persistence are both required, however. The deeper and longer an individual has been a victim of negativity, the longer it takes the individual to correct his/her thoughts, actions, and character.

The Infinite Mind of our Creator permeates the entire universe and can be tapped into for a variety of reasons. For example, one may tap into the Intelligence of the Infinite Mind, for seeking solution to a problem, peace of mind, success, happiness or to do away with negativity in his/her life.

There are two types of energies in our universe, positive energy and negative energy. Positive energy is attracted by those whose thoughts are of positive and uplifting nature and negative energy is attracted by those whose thoughts are negative. Positive energy is the energy of the almighty Creator of ours and we can seek His assistance only if we make Him a part of our daily lives. Observe the previous sentences carefully and you will now be able to determine who the negative energy of the universe belongs to.

​Absolute faith in the existence of our Creator attracts the assistance of the Infinite Mind and is readily available to those with a positive mentality. When positive thoughts, positive actions, and faith are combined with persistence, one may be able to connect with the Infinite Mind. Some people also refer to this as "transcendental state" where your thoughts are connected to a realm other than just the physical one we see before our eyes. This type of connection with the Infinite Mind is as real as life itelf but requires having good intentions for the self as well as for others.

There are several methods by which to connect with the Infinite Mind, some of which are discussed in our book, The Sleeping Genius. This connection of the human mind to the Infinite Mind can lead one to a successful and fulfilling existence granted the individual follows the guidance of the Infinite Mind in absolute faith. Following the guidance of the Infinite Mind is similar to taking a leap of faith that never leads anyone to the wrong path unless, of course, the individual does not have the best of intentions, in which case, the individual is the one at fault.

​Our Creator only helps those who help themselves. When the individual's thoughts and actions are positive, he/she helps him- or herself by allowing his/her thoughts to receive guidance of the almighty Creator. When negative thoughts are dominant in the individual, the individual is provoked by the negative energy of the universe which progressively takes the individual into further negativity until the individual no longer thinks for him- or herself.

​It is of utmost importance to stay positive in order to connect with the Infinite Mind of the Creator to receive guidance to act upon which propels one to a successful and fulfilling life leading the individual to make the right decisions toward the attainment of an existence the individual desires for him- or herself.
Ability of the Human Mind to Connect with the Infinite Mind