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​Human individuality should be cherished, not criticized. We are all different for reasons beyond our understanding. People tend to criticize, ridicule, and gossip of those who do not conform to the standards of the masses in order to make themselves feel superior at the expense of another. This type of behavior impedes progress because it discourages those who intend to do great things. If one makes the effort to analyze the events in history, however, the individuals who did not conform to the standards of the masses created their own standards, even in the face of opposition, and achieved the extraordinary. These extraordinary achievements became new standards globally and again were followed by the masses.

Individuality brings value and new concepts to the table. If you find yourself being too different from the rest, be assured that there is definitely a reason behind it, most often a great reason than not. Do not hold your ideas back, instead think hard about your strengths and look to bridge your weaknesses. What makes you different than the rest and why? Sooner or later, if you ask yourself these questions, you will find the answer which will direct you to a successful life you only dreamed of, granted of course, that you take action toward your cherished dream.

Albert Einstein is an example of an individual who did not conform to the standards of the masses and made his own way. He was not considered a good student by his teachers yet his achievements surpassed those of others. His theories weren't accepted by the leading scientists of the time, yet they turned out to be true and changed the world. Einstein is a great example of one who had faith in his own ideas and backed them up with hard work to accomplish great things.

​So how should the individual face criticism and ridicule? By making use of negative remarks of others and using them as a positive motivator (the fuel) to propel him- or herself to success and achievement. Too many people give up on their dreams due to criticism and negative remarks and that is a shame. NEVER allow anyone to discourage you from what you desire. Instead make courage your ally toward their attainment. "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" (Bernard M. Baruch) should be your motto.

​Your individuality is one of your biggest assets, if used with faith and courage toward the attainment of your deepest desires. It is the pathway for your own success, if used to benefit others by providing service, and should be used positively toward great achievements. Never allow anyone to take it away from you. Instead, find ways to make your individuality propel you to a successful, fulfilling, and prosperous existence. It is of utmost importance that a person does so, for only then can the individual motivate others by his/her own success and can also help others to succeed.
Individuality is a Necessity for Progress