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Rise Above This Useless, Self-Defeating Emotion
​Fear is a force capable of paralyzing an individual's capabilities. It is which overtakes the entire mind and body. It is a powerful factor in people giving up on their dreams and desires and doing the same old thing that everyone else is doing, conforming to society, not realizing that what the next person is doing, he/she may not even be too sure of or want to do, for that matter. It is a direct result of not applying the power of faith as well as neglecting to direct the mind toward a chosen purpose in life. Fear has disastrous effects in an individual's life because it keeps people from achievement.

Fear is caused by an individual's engagement in negative thoughts and negative activities as well as exposure to a negative environment. The only way to escape the fear mindset is to develop faith through persistent effort, effort which is minimal compared to its effects on the individual. Fear must be eliminated at all costs if one dreams of achieving success in any undertaking. It must also be eliminated in order to achieve true happiness and peace of mind.

Any endeavor undertaken in fear NEVER succeeds. Never work toward a goal with fear. The reason for this is that the human mind always produces the results which it harbors and fear always brings about negative results no matter how much effort the individual places in his/her chosen endeavor. The root of fear is past failure(s) and can also be fear of success itself because people sometimes do not know how they would react to a change like success. So, it may be that people fear CHANGE more than they fear success itself, but regardless of what it is that they fear, FEAR is fatal to achievement, success as well as happiness and can only be overcome by courage, positivity, and faith.

Humans also fear being criticized by their peers and therefore cease to take positive action in their lives, not realizing that they are just as intelligent as those who have achieved high levels of success. One of the secrets of the most successful people was overcoming fears. Criticism creates fear in an individual that some people just find impossible to overcome. Sometimes the criticism they are so terrified of is simply a creation of the mind and isn't even real. It overtakes the individual's abilities, causes him/her to give in, and follow everyone else's path in order to avoid being TOO DIFFERENT from the majority of people and thus being ridiculed by peers, regardless of whether that path is the right one or not for the individual.

It may encourage some people to know that those whose names have been written in history neither strived to follow another's path, nor were they not ridiculed and/or criticized by others. They dared to think differently and backed their ideas with faith, something that the majority of people who give up on their dreams and follow the same old routine as everyone else do not do. Those who have climbed the ladder of success and have accomplished extraordinary achievements, whether in the past or the present, also had to face and overcome fears. Courage to overcome fear can be developed by applying the power of faith in oneself.

Fear can be eliminated by the power of positive thinking and courage both of which can be developed by the deliberate application of faith which directs the mind of the individual away from fear and toward courage. Faith and courage are powerful motivators which strengthen the individual's mind and abilities and drive him/her to seek and attain his/her most cherished dreams. They are powerful forces which eliminate negative thoughts as well as negative habits and encourage positivity and good morals in the individual. They also create miracles in the life of the individual who knows where he/she is going.